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We pride ourselves on teaching children how to write for a variety of audiences and a range of different purposes. This allows children to understand the different sentence types and word choices needed for different purposes and audiences. Our non-fiction writing always links to our enquiry (wider curriculum) work. Children are able to apply what they have learned in enquiry. Teachers give guidance and instruction to children to improve writing skills. This includes grammatical accuracy and correct use of punctuation. Children are expected to edit their own work based on their teachers’ guidance and recommendations. Each class has a set of non-negotiable to encourage children to self-edit their work for errors and improvements. Spelling patterns are taught weekly and the children practise and improve handwriting weekly.


At Courthouse Green we want all our children to be competent readers. We teach our children to read using the Read Write Inc Programme and develop their comprehension skills through differentiated guided reading lessons. These links will give you more information to help you support your child with reading at home:


 - loads of exciting ideas to make reading at home fun, including free e books!


- the Read Write Inc website gives lots of information about how we teach Read Write Inc lessons and includes a really useful section for parents. 

Reading Routeway

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