Pupil Responsibility            

One of our Core Values is responsibility and we provide pupils with many different ways to take on roles of responsibility.

We have a Head Boy and Head Girl and one Deputy Head Boy and Head Girl. They have to go through a rigorous election process, voted into post by the children in school. Once they are elected they are required to:

  • Demonstrate our core values at all times
  • To support the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team in promoting and representing the school
  • Make speeches promoting the school
  • Show visitors round school
  • They are supported in their roles by our school prefect body.

Anti Bullying Champions

We are the Courthouse Green Anti Bullying Champions. We are here to help every child in the school regarding any worries they might have regarding bullying.
Through assemblies, new initiatives and being a presence in school, we look forward to earning our Coventry Young People’s Anti Bullying Charter Mark from Coventry City Council.
Come back soon for regular updates....  


This is our new Eco Council for 2017-2018. We are very excited for what we have planned this year. Our aim is to get even closer to achieving the Silver Award status for our school. Furthermore, we have some exciting projects planned, starting with an energy saving plan to help us all to look after the environment. We are very lucky to have Mrs Cox joining our Eco Council this year too! Look out for the Eco Code and energy saving posters around school!

An Eco-School has 9 important topics that it has to improve.

  1. School grounds.
  2. Biodiversity (plants and animals).
  3. Waste and recycling.
  4. Litter.
  5. Energy (electricity).
  6. Transport.
  7. Healthy living.
  8. Water.
  9. Global perspectives. 

CourtHOUSES of Parliament

The newly elected CourtHOUSES of Parliament have been meeting over this term to get their ideas across to teachers.  They shared what they have been doing confidently in a very special assembly.  Please remind children to share any great ideas with the reps!

They have been creating videos to share Courthouse Green's own news and report on what is happening at Courthouse, in Coventry and throughout the world.

Well Being Ambassadors

Responsibilities of wellbeing ambassadors

The wellbeing ambassadors are a group of elected class representatives who work together to promote positive wellbeing for all children in school. Their responsibilities include:

  • Contributing to the running of the school by feeding into the decision-making processes for pupil wellbeing.
  • Helping to support all children by gathering feedback and ideas to improve children's wellbeing. 
  • Leading a range of activities within the school that promote positive mental health and wellbeing

Meeting regularly with PSHCE lead to feedback and implement any wellbeing initiatives.

Core Value Coaches

The core value coaches are a group of volunteers from Years 4-6 that provide support at lunchtime to help all children show the core values at all times in their play and friendships. 

Their responsibilities include:

  • Leading games and dance across the playgrounds at lunchtimes
  • Providing a drop in at lunch times if children want to talk about their worries. Being a supportive friend who can help if you are worried about bullying. 
  • Helping children ask for help from adults in school if they need it. 


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