Curriculum Vision          

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Our curriculum will enable our children to develop a thirst for learning about the wider world in which they live, encouraging them to become responsible, resilient, independent learners adept at using technology and their skills of enquiry to question their understanding and to take risks.

Through language rich real life experiences we will encourage our children to emotionally connect with their learning and to gain a rich awareness of the importance of the arts in our lives so that they achieve highly, enabling them to be confident in their own ability and keen to aspire.

Our curriculum will be progressive, coherent and broad, building year on year on the skills and knowledge previously acquired, linking the learning together, giving children a clear purpose and meaning for what they are learning so that they take pride and gain enjoyment from it. Through it they will gain a greater understanding of themselves as learners and how they contribute to the world beyond their environment. We expect our children to take responsibility for their own actions and the impact of them on others; making appropriate choices about their behaviour and their wellbeing, empowering them to succeed through the opportunities they are given.

We promote high quality talk within our classrooms so that children have the opportunity to learn from one another and deepen their understanding, ensuring that they are active participants in the learning. We give them time to enjoy their learning and to take pride in the outcomes they achieve. Through our Comenius links and enrichment opportunities we develop them as global citizens gaining a real life perspective and understanding of the world beyond their classroom.

We want to ensure that all children leave Courthouse Green able to confidently and competently read, write and use maths to at least the level expected for children of their age in order that they can build on their achievements through the next stage of their education.




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