We'd like to thank you for considering our school for your child.

Please see below our current school Prospectus. This is also available from the school office.

Courthouse Green School Prospectus 2019/2020


The school's Admission Policy follows the same procedures as the City Council - you will find a link below to further details of the City Council's Admission Policy.

Following a consultation period our Admissions Policy has been agreed for September 2020.  Please click here to see the Admissions Policy for September 2020

Please click here to see the Admissions Policy for September 2021

Admission to our Reception Classes:

Decisions regarding admittance to our Reception classes each September are made by Coventry City Council using their admissions policy.  You will find a link below which will take you to this policy.

Admissions to other years groups:

Moving children from one school to another is discouraged by Coventry City Council unless you have moved house.  If you need to request a school transfer you should contact the Admissions and Benefits team on 024 76975445.  You will need to complete a transfer request form.  

If a place at Courthouse Green Primary School has been agreed by the Admissons Team you will be invited to come along with your children to meet with the Headteacher and the teaching staff, to have a look around the school and to fill in our admission forms.

Please click here to see the City Council admissions policies for 2018/2019 and 19/20 which have been adopted by Courthouse Green School. 

For appeals information please click here.   Courthouse Green Primary School is supported with their appeals by Coventry City Council.  

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